A Helpful Guide to Identifying the singers of the Songs of Spring. Enjoy!

As winter eases its grip on most of the country and nature begins to awaken, there is a distinct sound in the air that has laid dormant for months.

Have you heard it?

One of our favorite things to do in Spring when my kids were little, was to sit on the back deck and identify all the songs going on around us.

Identifying bird songs and calls was something my grandparents and parents taught me, and something I’ve passed on to my kids.

If you’ve ever heard a bird singing or chirping and wondered what it was, I’ve compiled…

3 things I did to stop compiling drafts and start completing my writing projects.

For a few years, I’ve been wandering from one writing community to the next. Listening, reading, watching, trying to learn the craft of writing.

I’ve organized and planned and thought about it. I’ve read craft books about writing. I’ve listened to people talk about writing. I’ve listened to podcasts about writing.

I’ve filled in my notebooks and planners with post ideas. I’ve written ten ideas in my little notebook, faithfully.

I have notebooks, notecards, and post-its everywhere with ideas or character plots written on them. And I mean everywhere!

As an idea generator, I have notebooks full of stories, poems…

“Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance.” Stephen Keague

This was the plan I drew up for my garden last year.

It was a bit ambitious, I must admit. But with the world shut down due to a pandemic and me working remotely, I had some extra time to think about what I wanted to grow in my 2020 pandemic garden.

I’m not a doomsday prepper by any means, but what I saw going on in the world concerned me.

People were swarming the grocery stores, buying up everything—hoarding toilet paper, flour, yeast, water, and tortillas.

I have to admit…

I did. But I’ve got a plan to change that.

I hate it when I set a lofty goal, full of enthusiasm and organization, all my ducks in a row, only to vie off track a few short weeks later.

It always makes me feel miserable for myself.

One missed day turns into two, and then three. Then the realization that I’ve failed once again makes me overeat.

It might also result in a night of excessive drinking. Or several nights of excessive drinking. Or an online spending binge on crap I don’t need.

A full-on pity party.

I stop showing up to my new exercise class because I’ve secretly…

If people of any other color had scaled the Capitol walls, busted windows, and stormed the House and Senate floors, the National Guard would have been called out to shoot them.

In September 2019, it was noted that Trump had said the words “no collusion” no less than 231 times.

By January, I’m sure that number had quadrupled. It seemed like those were the only two words he could say with his hands waiving to and fro for extra effect.

Recently, he has compulsively claimed “voter fraud,” used the word “stolen” excessively, and claimed to be the “Best President the US has ever had.”

Psychologist Tom Stafford explains, “Repetition makes a fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for…

This difficult admission could change the trajectory of your future and life.

Our relationship with our significant other is supposed to be the most intimate of all relationships — the binding together of two as one, with the anticipation of forever, till death do us part, right?

Good or bad, this is the person who has seen you naked and agreed to share their life with you. For better or worse, in sickness in health. Agreed to be your other half.

Even if you didn’t speak those words, isn’t that what’s implied when you combine your life with another person that isn’t your child, friend or room mate?

We expect that this…

Is social media causing digital multiple-personality disorder?

I’m at work and I have two computer screens on my desk, an iPad to my right, and my Android phone to my left.

Microsoft Outlook is constantly sending notifications that my work email inbox is filling up. My personal Ipad is also sending me notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and eBay, and Gmail telling me my personal email inbox is filling up.

Text messages are coming in on my cellphone from my sister, my mom, two of my children, my husband, and the dentist's office with a dental appointment reminder.

It never stops.

Each screen represents a window into every facet of my world.

Each one has a different purpose…

When can you tell it’s Morel season? When the Morel chatrooms get quiet.

“Oh Morel, oh Morel. Where art thou, oh elusive Morel.” ~ Me.

Every year.

I can’t think of a better reason to get me out of the house and into the woods than morel season!

As old man winter eases his grip on the northern part of the country, eager hunters look forward to finding the motherload.

At least that’s what they’re envisioning, like little sugar plum morel fairies dancing in their heads.

Morel hunting brings out the competitor in a person.

Don’t ever ask a morel hunter where their “spot” is. They won’t tell you.

“Laughter is an instant vacation.” ~ Milton Berle

God, I love a good joke! A good prank, a funny meme.

I love to laugh, and I love to make people laugh. I love to hear laughter.

It just feels good.

Even when you’re down in the dumps, if someone comes along and makes you smile, doesn’t it just lift a load off you? Even if only temporarily?

I remember my dad sauntering up to my mom, smiling his boyish grin saying coyly, “Don’t you smile, Kay. Don’t smile. Don’t you smile, Katydid?”

This was his strategy when in the doghouse for some minor irritation he had caused my mom.

She would respond…

K.L. Bennett

Mother of 6 awesome males, music lover, photographer, avid reader, autodidact, Ninja Writer, Taurus in menopause, seeker of peace.

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