As long as there are attorneys, these two services will always be needed.

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Process Server

Process Service or Service of Process is when an individual delivers documents of a legal nature to another person on behalf of a Plaintiff or Defendant in a lawsuit, summoning them to a court or legal discovery proceeding.

Your local and state laws will determine how legal documents must be…

This side-hustle not only makes you money but also teaches you a ton about history, people, and things of the past.

Photo by Author, Krista Bennett

We call it “Junkin’” where I live.

Whether it’s an Estate Sale, thrift shop, flea market, auction, or garage sale, Junkin’ is where you find items of value on the cheap and turn around and sell them for a profit.

Junkin’ is easily one of my favorite side-hustle income streams…

“Family traditions reveal what you value enough to repeat, and, if done with love, build warm, happy associations.” ~ Daniel Willingham

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Traditions are the expressions of customs or beliefs, handed down from one generation to the next.

In many cultures, tradition is the structure or foundation on which families base their lives and beliefs.

Traditions also remind us that we are part of a family and give us a comforting sense…

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