Was Anyone Else Profoundly Disappointed with this Purchase?

“Millions of boys and girls” in the 60’s and 70’s fell for it.

Krista Bennett
3 min readNov 19, 2021
Photo by Author, Archie Giant Series Magazine, The World of Jughead, №523, 1982

I know I wasn’t the only one to fall for this.

My kids laughed hysterically when I showed them this old ad for Sea-Monkeys and told them about my profound disappointment when they failed to “shock and amaze.”

“Millions of boys and girls tried it at OUR RISK, and gasped in amazement as IT WORKED!” ~ 1980, Ad in Jughead Comic Book, Transcience Corporation.

I never “gasped in amazement”. Maybe in horror, but never in amazement.

“Your pet Sea-Monkeys will arrive safely in a “time capsule” eggs that work like something out of SCIENCE-FICTION.” ~ 1980, Transcience Corporation

And “fiction” it was!

My first packet - yes I tried it more than once - ended up in a heap of brown translucent muck at the bottom of the bowl. I watched and watched. Looking for any sign of leap-frog or the Sea-Circus Show.

To no avail.

My mom said maybe they died. Which made me feel even worse because my Sea-Monkey family didn’t survive the trip to their new home. My room!

We ordered them again.