Why Corporate Culture and the Cubicle Farm Doesn’t Work For Me Anymore

The Great Resignation makes sense in this post-pandemic era.

Krista Bennett
6 min readMay 11, 2022


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The company I work for called us back to in-office work a few months ago.

It has been difficult, to say the least.

I know there are many folks who have to be physically present at their jobs. Essential workers for example.

But for many of us with computer jobs, we don’t necessarily have to sit in a cubicle all day to do our job.

I was always envious, not jealous, but envious of the six-figure salary my sister makes. Granted, I could never do what she does. She’s in healthcare and I have a weak stomach and am prone to panic attacks and freaking out in an emergency.

During the pandemic my company followed our state’s “Stay at Home Order”, and I was able to work from the comfort of my own home for over a year.

My sister couldn’t do that and the tables were turned for a period of time. She told me I was lucky and said she wished she could work from home (with a slight hint of jealousy).

Unfortunately, we had to return to the cubicle farm once the SAH order ended.

The first couple of days, it was nice to see some people, have lunch, and socialize.

By day three, I was over it.

Following is my list of the pros and cons of returning to the corporate cubicle farm:



Monday is a stop-gap. It ends the weekend vibe making me haul my butt out of bed, take a shower, try to find something to wear that matches, and be somewhere on time. I think this is a good thing because, during the pandemic, I lived in my pajamas. I rarely went anywhere, and sometimes went days without looking in a mirror or combing my hair.

So the Monday re-group is definitely a good thing.


Going back to the office in person has forced me to be more organized and know the whereabouts of my keys, debit card, and cell phone. All of which have gone missing for days at a time, without worry, during the pandemic.



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