Why Were White Men and Women Permitted to Storm the Capitol?

If people of any other color had scaled the Capitol walls, busted windows, and stormed the House and Senate floors, the National Guard would have been called out to shoot them.

In September 2019, it was noted that Trump had said the words “no collusion” no less than 231 times.

By January, I’m sure that number had quadrupled. It seemed like those were the only two words he could say with his hands waiving to and fro for extra effect.

Recently, he has compulsively claimed “voter fraud,” used the word “stolen” excessively, and claimed to be the “Best President the US has ever had.”

Psychologist Tom Stafford explains, “Repetition makes a fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for propaganda”. He wrote a fascinating article entitled “How Liars Create the Illusion of Truth.”

Trump has known all along, the tsunami he was creating.

DJT knows that if he repeats his lies enough, they will take on the appearance of truth, and then his followers will repeat the lies and perpetuate the misinformation on social media.

Showing his rallies with all the people wearing his merchandise takes on a big giant club's appearance.

A big club of whiteness.

In reality, repeating a lie repetitiously will not magically transform the misinformation into truth.

But people have adopted his lies and beliefs to the point of the violence we saw on January 6th.

Several family members of mine have all but disowned me because they are devout Trump followers. Following that scene, I had to text them and ask them if they really support what was going on.

They were indifferent. They were not shocked. In fact, my sister thought it was funny and commented that she didn’t know why everyone was getting upset. It’s the “same thing the Democrats did when they sent in people to burn buildings during the BLM protests.”

I was dumbfounded.

The “Democrats” did NOT send in people to burn buildings during BLM protests.

But this is the lie she has been fed through her far-right religious news channel. The only thing she’ll watch.

I tell her to turn on real news. I feel like we live in two different realities.

I had to have been switched at birth.

I watch the news from several different stations and listen to all sides. Each news outlet approaches the “news” differently. And depending on their political affiliation, that’s the reality you will get fed.

Interestingly, while the Capitol was being stormed and people being shot, Fox Entertainment couldn’t break from the Maury Povich Show to cover this story.

Fox is not news. It is a Trump station that has supported his reality, spread his misinformation, and perpetuated this mob-type mentality, to the detriment of All Americans.

Fox Entertainment has been complacent, and I feel worked hand-in-hand with Trump as an accomplice to stir up the civil unrest we are experiencing as a people today.

Fox Entertainment and its sub-par Trump-supporting disciples (anchors) don’t provide the people with real news. The revel like their master in stirring up chaos and dissension. This is just my opinion.

Even more discouraging, sources inside the Whitehouse reported that Trump was elated at the beginning of the insurrection while watching his white supremacist goons scaling the Capitol wall wearing their MAGA hats, waving their Trump banners, wearing his Trump 2020 merchandise.

Sales at Trump.com have most definitely been up.

I don’t know about you, but I felt shame. I had the same pit in my stomach that I had that fateful morning of 9/11 when terrorists attacked our country.

We had been infiltrated, and thousands of people died. How did we let that happen?

The fear and confusion I feel this time is even more terrifying because we are being attacked from the inside by our own people, at our own President's direction.

I am a white woman. Watching those dirty, disgraceful, white men be permitted to storm the capitol, scale the walls and threaten our elected officials and guards without any police force whatsoever looked planned.

Reports of cops posing for selfies with the mob is a disgrace.

Watching those dirty, disgraceful white men be permitted to storm the Capitol building, scaling the walls and threatening our elected officials with no police intervention looked planned and coordinated!

If that wall were being scaled by black men and women or Mexican men and women, or men and women of any color other than white, the National Guard would have been called out, and they would have been shot.

Trump called out the National Guard so he could walk across the street to pose with a book he’s never read.

Innocent peaceful protesters wanting their voices to be heard about injustice were pepper-sprayed and shot with rubber bullets while sitting or standing on the street as he passed by.

But the Capitol Building gets mobbed by Trump supporters, and there is no police force to be found?

Who planned that?

Four people lost their lives. Three of the deceased were police officers or white house guards expected to stop something that was quite frankly unstoppable.

Trump preached from his pulpit that he wanted to lead this march to the Capitol. But where was he when the mob started marching?

He was sitting comfortably in the White House, watching like a proud father as his minions attacked and brutalized the Capitol.

When I heard the chanting “Where’s Pence! Where’s Pence!” it sent chills down my spine.

In real-time, we watched the President of our Country try to have his vice-president, and God knows who else, assassinated. That’s what it looked and sounded like to me.

Donald Trump must be physically removed from office. Now!

KBennett is an angry American sick to death of Trumpism and a mother of 6 awesome males, music lover, photographer, avid reader, autodidact, Ninja Writer, Taurus in menopause, trauma survivor, seeker of peace.

Mother of 6 awesome males, music lover, photographer, avid reader, autodidact, Ninja Writer, Taurus in menopause, seeker of peace.

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