How you eat could be affecting your symptoms. Planning in advance may help alleviate some of them.

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Diet can play a big part in easing uncomfortable symptoms and the general discomfort of a woman’s body during this natural physiological transition.

Menopause is a natural stage of a woman’s life when her aging body stops having a menstrual cycle and is confirmed after 12 months of not having a period.

But the symptoms associated with this bodily transformation can last for several years.

There are three stages of menopause. Perimenopause, menopause, and post-menopause. Everyone’s bodies are different, but I started to notice perimenopausal symptoms around 45.

Each stage comes with its own set of possible uncomfortable symptoms and…

3 things I did to stop compiling drafts and start completing my writing projects.

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For a few years, I’ve been wandering from one writing community to the next. Listening, reading, watching, trying to learn the craft of writing.

I’ve organized and planned and thought about it. I’ve read craft books about writing. I’ve listened to people talk about writing. I’ve listened to podcasts about writing.

I’ve filled in my notebooks and planners with post ideas. I’ve written ten ideas in my little notebook, faithfully.

I have notebooks, notecards, and post-its everywhere with ideas or character plots written on them. And I mean everywhere!

As an idea generator, I have notebooks full of stories, poems…

“Proper planning and preparation prevent poor performance.” Stephen Keague

Bennett Manor Garden Plan 2020 by Author

This was the plan I drew up for my garden last year.

It was a bit ambitious, I must admit. But with the world shut down due to a pandemic and me working remotely, I had some extra time to think about what I wanted to grow in my 2020 pandemic garden.

I’m not a doomsday prepper by any means, but what I saw going on in the world concerned me.

People were swarming the grocery stores, buying up everything—hoarding toilet paper, flour, yeast, water, and tortillas.

I have to admit…

I did. But I’ve got a plan to change that.

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I hate it when I set a lofty goal, full of enthusiasm and organization, all my ducks in a row, only to vie off track a few short weeks later.

It always makes me feel miserable for myself.

One missed day turns into two, and then three. Then the realization that I’ve failed once again makes me overeat.

It might also result in a night of excessive drinking. Or several nights of excessive drinking. Or an online spending binge on crap I don’t need.

A full-on pity party.

I stop showing up to my new exercise class because I’ve secretly…

If people of any other color had scaled the Capitol walls, busted windows, and stormed the House and Senate floors, the National Guard would have been called out to shoot them.

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In September 2019, it was noted that Trump had said the words “no collusion” no less than 231 times.

By January, I’m sure that number had quadrupled. It seemed like those were the only two words he could say with his hands waiving to and fro for extra effect.

Recently, he has compulsively claimed “voter fraud,” used the word “stolen” excessively, and claimed to be the “Best President the US has ever had.”

Psychologist Tom Stafford explains, “Repetition makes a fact seem more true, regardless of whether it is or not. Understanding this effect can help you avoid falling for…

Following the lead of one of our favorite TV shows, here’s how I created a morning of fun and lunch all at the same time!

Photo by Author, K.L. Bennett

Last weekend, my kids had a few friends over and it was so blazing hot, they didn’t want to play outside. There weren’t enough controllers for everyone to play videogames and I sensed some boredom and restlessness.

So, I decided to create a challenge for them based on one of our favorite TV shows, that would not only keep them busy, but feed them at the same time.


If you’re not familiar with Chopped, it’s an American cooking reality show in it’s 50th season. Contestants are given a group of ingredients and have to create a dish which they then…

Photo by Author, K.L. Bennett, 2021

French-style leeks are one of my favorite summer…

Hindsight is 20/20, so let me give you some foresight.

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I haven’t been publishing long on Medium, but now that I am, I have some thoughts for other new writers just beginning in this writing community.

Don’t wear out your welcome.

You’ll see tons of writers offering classes and groups to teach you how to be as successful as they are. At least that’s the goal.

Writing groups are great when you start out. They help you navigate the platform, learn how to format the way the platform wants you to, its a place you can get feedback, and its an organic community of like-minded people who will support your writing endeavors.

You’ll meet other…

I just can’t pretend anymore.

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I have a 100-acre farm where I grow a variety of organic produce and herbs from seed. I often share the progress of my garden through photos on social media and other platforms and receive questions about growing flowers and veggies all the time.

A decorative way to keep your fresh onions handy

Photo by Author, K.L. Bennett

I used to travel to farmers' markets selling organic produce, preserves, meat rubs, and other organic goodies that I grew and made by hand.

One of my best sellers was the onion braid. Not only does it keep your fresh onions handy, but it also looks old country-cool.

Here’s how to make one:

K.L. Bennett

Mother of 6 awesome males, music lover, photographer, avid reader, autodidact, Ninja Writer, Taurus in menopause, seeker of peace.

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